• Food Baking Thermometer Probe oven thermometer
  • Food Baking Thermometer Probe oven thermometer

Food Baking Thermometer Probe oven thermometer

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Product Description

                                       Product parameters

   Jili series temperature and humidity meter is a kind of temperature and humidity instrument designed for measuring indoor and outdoor environmental temperature and humidity values. It is manufactured by high-quality technology, with rigorous workmanship and elegant appearance. Highlighted quality, more compatible with modern home decoration.

I. Product Characteristics

Mirror - high transparency flat circular glass, transparent and bright, wide calibration range for viewing comfort

Pointer - using precise dynamic balance arrow pointer structure, clear and easy to distinguish

Dial - Using screen printing technology to print scale and graphics on the whole mirror aluminium dial, clear and without duplication

Machine core - standard machine core, stable, accurate, earthquake-resistant and durable, the measurement Bureau passed the test accuracy.

Shell - Stainless steel stamping, strong mouldability and durability

Outer Ring - Stainless Steel Stamping Forming, Shell Seal Forming Technology as a whole coincide

Packaging - design independent packaging box with environmental protection corrugated paper material, exquisite details

II. Performance Parameters-Usage Mode

Shape size: 52mm (diameter) X50mm (length of long needle)

Fahrenheit range: 0-300 C, measurement accuracy (error): +5 C

Net weight of product: 27g

Usage: wall hanging, insertion type.

case 304 stainless steel, outer ring 304 stainless steel, stainless steel wall hanging, high transparency flat glass, mirror aluminium material dial, stainless steel pointer, pure copper fastener

IV Scope of Application

This product can be widely used in modern food, barbecue, fried, frying pan, barbecue, baking, temperature measurement. This product can be used as a reference for healthy life and can not be used as a measuring instrument.

V Notes

This product is specially designed for measuring indoor temperature and humidity. Please do not put it outside the measuring scale to avoid affecting the measuring accuracy.

Please place the product in a well ventilated place to ensure that it accurately reflects the ambient temperature and humidity.

This product can't enter water, can't use corrosive solvent to wipe, and avoid being shocked and shocked.

The core components of this product are imported mechanical induction components, without adding batteries.

VI Warm Tips

Because the air in the package is not circulating, when it is taken out and used, the value of the product can not reflect the actual situation in time. It can be kept at constant temperature for half an hour.

Inside parts of unstable parts, shaking will produce a slight sound, which is a normal phenomenon.

_Common problems

1. Does the newly purchased thermometer need to be adjusted?

This product has been strictly and accurately calibrated when it leaves the factory. Normally, it can be used normally without any further calibration. However, due to transportation vibration, the reading may be deviated. If the displayed reading is doubtful and the error within the valid indication range is larger than the technical index value, the reference can be observed in a windless environment (about 30 minutes) and adjusted after confirmation.

2. How to adjust the hygrometer?

Cover a wet towel on the back of the hygrometer or wrap it up for about 30 minutes. The hygrometer should show a humidity reading of 95% RH. If the pointer fails to point to 95% RH, please use a screwdriver of suitable size and rotate around the corresponding humidity adjustment hole on the back until the pointer points to 95% RH.

3. How to adjust the thermometer?

With a confirmed and accurate thermometer as a reference and a screwdriver of suitable size, the temperature adjustment holes on the back are rotated around and adjusted until the pointer points to the same reading.

4. What should we pay attention to in the process of using thermometer and hygrometer?

The Thermohygrometer should be installed in a well ventilated place to avoid hanging on the wall directly exposed to sunlight, air outlet of air conditioner and other places. The Thermohygrometer should not be installed in corrosive gas environment.

5. Why does it feel that the thermometer does not work?

What's the reason why you can't see the change of the pointer when you buy the thermohygrometer? Is it bad? In fact, it is not. The reason is that the change of temperature and humidity is a slow process and will not change significantly in a short time. To know if the pointer is working effectively, we can blow the air through the air vent, or take the hair dryer to blow around the Thermohygrometer or inside the air vent, and observe the change of the pointer, then we can know whether the instrument is working properly or not. After a period of time, it will return to the normal temperature and humidity monitored indoors and outdoors.

6. Why does the temperature and humidity shown by the Thermohygrometer differ from the local weather forecast?

The temperature of the weather forecast is not the real temperature of the space you measure. Because weather forecast temperature data is based on a ventilation louver with a temperature tester 1.5 meters from the ground. The temperature in weather forecast refers to the air temperature in the natural state under the interference of various human and other natural factors, which is significantly different from the space temperature measured on the spot by using a thermohygrometer.

7. Why do you feel so cold that the temperature measured by the Thermohygrometer is not as low as expected?

The temperature that people perceive is called somatosensory temperature, which is mainly affected by four factors. Simply put, somatosensory temperature equals the sum of temperature, solar radiation and humidity, and subtracts the correction of wind speed. The temperature measured by Thermohygrometer is only an important reference for somatosensory temperature. The indoor environmental comfort standard can refer to the humidity color block area of the thermometer.

8. Why does the temperature value displayed by the thermometer differ from that displayed on the air-conditioning screen?

The temperature shown on the air conditioner is the temperature of the air outlet of the air conditioner. Simply speaking, it is the indoor temperature you set up in the hope of eventually reaching. In order to reduce the room temperature to the set temperature in the fastest time when the air conditioner is in normal operation, the cold air will continue to blow out. The closer the air outlet is, the colder the air temperature is, and the uneven distribution of indoor temperature is. In addition, the normal operation of the room temperature sensor in the air conditioner also affects the accuracy of the signal sent to the air conditioner. Therefore, it is not easy to equate the temperature set by the air conditioner with the temperature measured in real time in the room.

9. Introduction to the Principle of Temperature Measurement with Pointer Thermometer and Humidimeter

The pointer Thermohygrometer works on the principle that two different metals expand differently when the temperature changes. The main component is a multi-layer metal sheet consisting of two or more metal sheets laminated together. In order to improve the sensitivity of temperature measurement, metal sheets are usually made into spiral coils. When the temperature of multi-layer metal sheet changes, the expansion or shrinkage of each layer of metal varies, making the spiral roll up or loosen. Because one end of the spiral coil is fixed and the other end is connected with a freely rotating pointer, the pointer can indicate the temperature on a circular scale when the bimetal sheet senses the temperature change.

_Daily range of basic temperature and humidity


The optimum temperature for grain storage is 8-15 C

18-25 C, the best indoor temperature

The optimum temperature of bathing water is 35-38 C

40-45 degrees Celsius, Best Temperature of Foot Washing Water Before Bedtime

The optimum temperature of boiling water for tea-making at 70-80 C


40-70% RH, living environment

40-55% RH, the most favorable environment for disease prevention and treatment

40-60% RH, Book and Cultural Relics Preservation Environment

45-60% RH, computer and communication equipment storage environment

40-60% RH, cotton and wool textiles stored

50-60% RH, storage of dairy products

50-60% RH, candy and snacks

50-70% RH for storage of vegetables and fruits

50-70% RH, grain storage

IX Warm Tips

Because the air in the package is not circulating, when it is taken out and used, the value of the product can not reflect the actual situation in time. It can be kept at constant temperature for half an hour.

Inside parts of unstable parts, shaking will produce a slight sound, which is a normal phenomenon.

Calibration inaccurate or damaged due to severe vibration, please contact the dealer or manufacturer.

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